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Detroit Style Pizza

Detroit style pizza started with Gus Guerra, in 1946 Gus started Buddy’s Rendezvous restaurant. He used an old Sicilian style family pizza recipe. Gus decided to bake the pizzas in automotive pans used by Detroit automotive manufactures. From there the Detroit style pizza was born! Buddy’s Rendezvous is still operating today and is the most famous pizzeria in Detroit. Today there are over 10 locations around Detroit.

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Windsor’s Trending Pizza Toppings

Recently, I had a friend ask me, how many pizza toppings is too much? I told him, it is a subjective answer, as I have met people who enjoy just a cheese pizza and on the other hand, I have friends who order all the meat toppings possible on a pizza. This got me thinking, how much toppings should we order on a pizza and what toppings do Windsorites enjoy?

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