Windsor Pizza Over Everything

Windsor Pizza?

Windsor knows its pizza, ask any one who tried it and they will back us up. Local chain Armando’s, had their pizza rank third at a recent International Pizza Expo. We know what we are doing!

History of Windsor Pizza

Windsor’s pizza origins are not clear, however many attribute the original pizzeria of Windsor to be Volcano Pizzeria. The Gualtieri family founded the pizzeria in the 1950s. Named after Mount Vesuvius, near Naples Italy, the pizzeria at its peak had 20 delivery vehicles servicing Windsor.

Volcano Pizzeria            Picture of Volcano Pizzeria circa 1960s

The pizzeria closed in 1986 when it’s owner retried. Many of the former employees replicated the recipe with a twist to create their own pizza shops. Not all Windsor pizzerias originate from Volcano Pizzeria, but it was a key influencer in the city.

Windsor Pizza Ingredients 

The following ingredients make the Windsor pizza what it truly is.

  • Shredded pepperoni. Unlike your large circular pepperoni topping, in Windsor we shred our pepperoni. Rather than having some pizza slices with more or less pepperoni on it, the pepperoni is equally spread across the pizza giving each slice the juicy savoring peperoni taste your taste buds require. 
  • Canned mushrooms. Most toppings are locally sourced including vegetables, meats and cheese. However, Windsor pizzerias have stuck with canned mushrooms and not fresh. The canned mushrooms don’t burn and make the pizza less soggy, creating for a more favorable pizza. 
  • Galati Cheese Company. Many Windsor pizzerias depend on the Windsor made Galati Cheese Company mozzarella; a large sticker of the company can be found on the pizza boxes, a certification of quality cheese and quality taste.
  • Sauce. Traditionally oregano heavy with a mixture of various spices; the sauce differs from pizzeria to pizzeria and is the key differentiator of each pizzeria. 
  • Stone Deck Ovens. In every true Windsor pizza you will find the crust to be crispy and thin, providing you with more pizza and less dough. Stone deck ovens, give the pizza a crispy taste and feel. 
  • Toppings. A true Windsor pizza has its toppings applied on top of the cheese and never underneath. 

Windsor Pizza Toppings? 

So you might ask, what is your traditional Windsor pizza? A Supreme pizza is considered your traditional Windsor pizza, cheese, shredded pepperoni, canned mushroom, with sausage, bacon or other meats and little veggies. 

However, the pizza scene is changing in Windsor. As Windsor’s population becomes diverse, so is its pizza. More and more pizzerias are experimenting with their toppings; recently Arcata Pizzeria introduced their Shawarma pizza. Armando’s has a BBQ bacon cheeseburger pizza, which placed 8th at the Canadian Pizza Expo.

Armandos Pizza                    Armando’s BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza courtesy of Dean Lister                        Armando's Corporate Chef. 

We can write about Windsor pizza all we want; unless you taste it you can never truly appreciate it. You can ask any former Windsorite! It is not uncommon for former Windsorites to visit their favorite pizzeria when in town, order a pie, freeze it and bring it back with them to their new homes.

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