Windsor Pizza to Germany

Ange and Dustin originally from Windsor, Ontario have been living in Germany for two years now, ever since Dustin got the opportunity to do a work placement abroad.

The two reside in the city of Nuremberg. The city is in northern Bavaria and features amazing medieval architecture in its old town. It is also the home of the Nürnberger Rostbratwurst. They have been making the most of their German experience, trying to experience everything and anything German, from lederhosens to bratwursts they are doing it all.

In their spare time the couple try to travel throughout Europe, from Poland to Portugal they have made the most of their stay. But sometimes the soul just wants a piece of home.

When Dustin’s mom Donna planned her trip to visit them this fall she knew what the two needed. The good taste of Windsor pizza! She ordered Armando’s pizza, Dustin’s favourite, froze it and packed it in her luggage. Donna and the pizza started their 6,835 km journey. First by car then plane, train and car again until they finally reached the couple’s apartment in Nuremberg.

Their joy was priceless, they cooked the frozen pizza and enjoyed the good taste of Windsor pizza. Every bite reminded them of Windsor and their friends and family. Just what they needed!

Windsor Pizza in Germany

How far have you gone to try the goodness of Windsor Pizza? Do you have a story? Let us know! After all its Windsor Pizza Over Everything!

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