Windsor Pizza Creators: Pete Riviera Pizza

Windsor Pizza Creators is a WPOE blog series, where we sit down and talk to local pizza makers and dive into discussions with the creators and cultivators of the most awesome pizza, Windsor Pizza. This discussion is with Pete of Riviera Pizza.

Pizza has always been in Pete's life. His father Charlie started Riviera Pizza in 1976. Pete remembers as early as age 9 coming to the restaurant making pizza's beside his dad. Pete says his dad is his superhero, Charlie now in his 70s can still put together a pizza in under a minute.  

Riviera Pizza

Pete did not plan to run the family restaurant. He started a career in therapy. After suffering an injury in a car accident, a therapist had helped Pete recover from his injuries, he knew he wanted to do the same.

When Pete's dad Charlie was entering retirement and the opportunity to take over the family business came up, Pete knew he had to continue the family legacy. Pete teamed up with his wife Renee who had managed different bars and restaurants in Windsor and they got to work. 

Riviera Pizza Windsor

Pete and Renee started renovating and rejuvenating the look and feel of the restaurant. When you walk into Riviera, the first thing you notice is the blues music in the background. At Riviera, this is all they play. It's light and relaxing background music that all ages can enjoy. Pete sees all ages bobbing their heads and tapping their hands on the table to it. 

Pete and Renee, have created something special in Olde Riverside. Riviera Pizza is not just a restaurant, it's Olde Riversides restaurant, it's a neighborhood place. Pete says it's the small touches like the patio windows, that are open during summer that make the restaurant welcoming.

He sees people walk by and wave into the restaurant daily. Pete has seen kids grow up into adults who continue to come to the restaurant. It's the cornerstone of Olde Riverside. 

Riviera Pizza

If you haven't had Riviera Pizza, you must! The recipe comes from Pete's mom who brought it over with her from Sicily.

During the interview, Pete had made us a pie and it was delicious! Something which stood out the most was the crust. It was nice and soft, it was super easy to bite through. If you are the type to not finish your crust, trust us, you will finish Riviera's crust.

At Riviera you can get any topping, the best part there are no extra charges for gourmet toppings! 

If you are looking for a good pizza and a community feel, Riviera is definitely the place to visit! 

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