Windsor Pizza Creators: Aaron Bullseye South Windsor

Windsor Pizza Creators is a new WPOE blog series, where we sit down and talk to local pizza makers and dive into discussions with the creators and cultivators of the most awesome pizza style, Windsor Pizza. Our first discussion is with Aaron of Bullseye South Windsor. 

Aaron WPOE Shirt Bullseye South WindsorAaron holding a WPOE Classic T-Shirt

Aarons pizza story starts on Erie street at Spagos. Aaron started in Spagos kitchen, learning to make Italian food from the Italian Nonnas working there. He moved his way up the kitchen ranks, eventually becoming a chef. After spending six years perfecting his culinary craft creating various dishes including gourmet Neapolitan style pizza, he knew he wanted to branch off on his own.

When an opportunity to open his own sandwich shop presented its self, he took it. He spent the next couple of years running the sandwich shop, but time came to close the doors. His sandwich shop business partner asked Aaron to join the Bullseye pizzeria team and offered him a south Windsor location. With his past experience making pizza at Spagos, Aaron accepted the new challenge. 

South Windsor Bullseye Sign

While working into the wee hours of the morning renovating Bullseye South Windsor, Aaron decided on a dietary change, eating fast food late at night was not working. He turned to the vegan diet, the change in his personal lifestyle led him to introducing vegan options in his menu. He started by introducing the vegan pizza, however when he wanted to eat vegan gravy with his fries, he went out searching for it. Vegan options are not the easiest to find, after extensively searching, he started sourcing the right supplies. 

South Windsor Bullseye Sign

He soon after began introducing more vegan options with the new vegan supplies he found. To promote the new vegan menu, Aaron started sharing on social media. This caught the eye of the vegan community in Windsor. His social media following blew up overnight and Windsor vegans started flocking to his pizzeria. With the extensive vegan menu he was able to cultivate, no longer did vegans have to order from a separate restaurant just to eat vegan food. Bullseye South Windsor offers options for both vegans and non vegans to eat together, this has made Bullseye South Windsor the top vegan restaurant in Windsor.

Bullseye South Windsor Vegan PizzaBullseye Vegan Pizza

We are excited to see where Aarons journey continues from here, if you haven't tried Bullseye South Windsor, you definitely have to! Aarons past experiences are shown in his menu and food quality, his skill to cultivate a menu are exceptional and we are looking forward to what new creations he has for Windsor pizza!

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