History of Pizza

The origins of pizza can be contributed to flatbread. Flatbread has existed since the neolithic age. Popular examples include Manakish from Lebanon, Pita from Greece, Lepinja from the Balkans and Focaccia from Italy.

Focaccia later evolved into pizza in Naples, Italy when tomato from the Americas was added in the 1600s.

The food was originally sold to the poor Neapolitans, who bought single slices and would eat and walk. This at the time was considered disgusting by the higher class. Ironically, this is now a popular New York way of eating pizza, as New York is the home of the pizza slice pizzeria.

Focaccia BreadTraditional Italian Focaccia 

Margherita Pizza

After the unification of Italy, Queen Margherita and King Umberto did a tour of Italy, stopping in Naples in 1889. The legend is, they grew tired of their haute cuisine and wanted to try the pizza phenomenon.

Baker Raffaele Esposito of Da Pietro Pizzeria was asked to make the royalty a pizza. He decided to use mozzarella, green basil and red tomato sauce, the colours of the Italian Flag.

The Queen loved it, the Margherita Pizza was created and the modern pizza born. This was also the first recorded evidence of pizza being delivered.

Queen Margherita Pizza   Queen Margherita, Queen of Pizza

History of Pizza in North America 

Pizza arrived to North America with the migration of Italians in the early 1900s. Pizza hadn't become popular across North America until after World War II, when soldiers returned home from the battlefields of Italy with a desire for peace and pizza. This caused a pizza boom in the 50s and 60s.

Pizza shops started opening across North America, including many chains such as Pizza Hut, Boston Pizza, Pizza Pizza, Domino's and Little Caesars.

Many of Windsor’s famous pizzerias opened during this time such as Sam’s Pizzeria, Antonino’s, Armando’s, Arcata and the former Volcano Pizzeria.

Arcata Pizzeria Windsor Pizza Over EverythingThe old Arcata sign

Today, you can find a pizzeria on every corner, just Google pizza and let Google Maps guide you!

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