Detroit Style Pizza

Want a change from Windsor pizza? Let’s head north of the border! Yes, Detroit is north of Windsor! Here is a guide to Detroit style pizza.

What is Detroit Style Pizza? 

Detroit style pizza has four main characteristics.

  1. The pizza is square.
  2. It’s baked in an industrial blue steel pan.
  3. Spongy dough is twice baked.
  4. Brick cheese is used.

The History

Detroit style pizza started with Gus Guerra, in 1946 Gus started Buddy’s Rendezvous restaurant. He used an old Sicilian style family pizza recipe.

Gus decided to bake the pizzas in automotive pans used by Detroit automotive manufactures. The pans helped form the Detroit style pizza, making the pizza deep and thick!

Buddy’s Rendezvous is still operating today and is the most famous pizzeria in Detroit. Today there are over 10 locations around Detroit.

Buddy's Pizza

Top locations for Detroit Style Pizza

  • Buddy’s Rendezvous: It all started at Buddy’s in 1946 and so it makes it to the top of our list as a must visit!
  • Cloverleaf: Gus Guerra sold Buddy’s 7 years after opening it up and started Cloverleaf in Eastpointe.
  • Loui’s Pizza: Louis Tourtois once employed at Buddy’s wanted to start his own pizzeria, he opened Loui’s Pizza in Hazel Park. The pizza is loaded up with cheese, making it heavy and delicious!
  • Shield’s: Louis Tourtois made pizza for Shield’s bar guests in exchange for kitchen space. When new owners took over Shield’s they cut Louis out and replicated his recipe. It is also heavy with lots of cheese and toppings.

Buddy's Detroit Deep Dish

Detroit Style in Windsor 

Don’t want to travel to Detroit to try Detroit style pizza? Head over to Armando’s Take Out on Cabana where you can get yourself a Detroit style pizza! Armando’s placed 5th in the world with their Detroit style deep dish! We recommend trying their Detroit style BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger pizza, it’s mouthwatering and a must if your are living in or just visiting Windsor.

Armando's Detroit Style Piza

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