Armando's Pizza Bar

Windsor is the capital of pizza in Canada, everyone knows it. I mean what other cities in Canada have their own style? Shredded pepperoni, Galati cheese, canned mushrooms, it doesn't get better than that. But, it does!

Windsor's pizza chefs are not satisfied with just cooking up the classic Windsor style pizza anymore.

Arcata shook up Windsor with their shawarma pizza, Bullseye South Windsor made vegan pizza one of the hottest pizza's in Windsor, Oven 360 changed the way we order pizza with their deliciously crafted wood oven Neapolitan pizzas and Armando's created an award-winning Windsor Style Deep Dish. 

Now Armando's is again shaking up the Windsor Pizza scene, this time with a Pizza Bar. 

Armando's Pizza Bar

Armando's Pizza Bar

Armando's Pizza Bar is a unique pizzeria concept, not just to Windsor but Canada. Armando's Pizza Bar is a newly renovated pizzeria that serves 5 styles of pizzas. Two of which are exclusive creations by corporate chef Dean Litster.

The 5 styles served at Armando's Pizza bar are the Neo-Napoletana, Roman, Windsor Style Deep Dish, Detroit Style Deep Dish, and New Windsor Pizza.

Armando's Pizza Bar Menu


The Neo-Napoletana is a 12" round pizza, this style hails from the city of Naples and is cooked at 700F in a Wood Fired oven. The dough is fermented for 36 hours. The pizza features a charred bubbled crust. 

Dean Lister Armando's


The Roman is a 24" long flatbread pizza cooked at 550F in an electric oven, the dough is fermented at room temperature for 24 hours. The Roman is an old-style Italian pizza that has experienced a new wave of popularity, this style of pizza is only available at Armando's Pizza Bar and Cortina's in Windsor.

Armando's Pizza Bar

Windsor Style Deep Dish

The Windsor Style Deep Dish is a Dean Litster creation and was ranked #1 in 2018 at the Canadian pizza nationals. It's a hybrid between Detroit Style Deep Dish and Windsor Style Pizza. It's a 9x13 square pizza and is cooked at 550F in an Electric Oven. The Dean Martin was ranked #1 in Canada and the BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger finished top 5 at the International Pizza Expo.

Windsor Style Deep Dish

Detroit Style Deep Dish

The Detroit Style Deep Dish is a 10x14 Square pizza, originating at Buddy's Pizzeria across the border in Detroit. It's cooked at 550F in an Electric Oven, baked in a Detroit Blue Steel Pan. The dough is fermented for 24 hours and all pizzas are topped with butter toasted panko and finished with red sauce post bake. Armando's is the only place in Windsor where you can order a Detroit Style Deep Dish, well besides Little Ceasers.

Armando's Pizza Bar

New Windsor Pizza

The New Windsor Pizza is another hybrid creation by Armando's Dean Litster. The pizza is a hybrid between New York Style Pizza and Windsor Style pizza, this pizza is an 18" round pizza, cooked at 550F and the dough is fermented for 24 hours. The Classic New Windsor Pizza was ranked #1 at the International Pizza Expo and ranked #3 at the World Pizza Competition.


Armando's Pizza Bar is located at 326 Cabana Rd. East

Hours of Operation

MONDAY: 11:30 am • 9 pm
TUESDAY: 11:30 am • 9 pm
WEDNESDAY: 11:30 am • 9 pm
THURSDAY: 11:30 am • 10 pm
FRIDAY: 11:30 am • 11 pm
SATURDAY: 12:00 pm • 11 pm
SUNDAY: 12:00 pm • 9 pm
For more information call 519-972-9433.
armando's pizza bar
No matter what style you go with at the Pizza Bar, there is no going wrong. All their pizzas are exceptionally prepared and deliciously tasty. The best part is you can mix and match pizza styles, each person can order a different style and share! 
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